Disciple of Padmashree Shovana makes her stage debut

first_imgDhriti Swarup, a disciple of Padmashri Dr Shovana Narayan, left everybody stunned as she made her stage debut on August 5 at India International Centre.A staunch believer in guru-shishya parampara, Shovana has inculcated sensitivities of righteous practice and trust in Dhriti. Under her expert guidance and 9 years of intense riyaaz, the young dancer learned intricacies of this art form.During the event, she performed a ‘stuti’ or an invocation to the lord to help her in her recital and future endeavours. This was followed by teen taal – consisting of 16 matras and intricate footwork, in which she strives to exhibit her command over the nuances which define a true Kathak exponent. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe next abhinaya, originally a 16th-century thumri by Meera Bai, ‘gaagar na bharan det’ – which is also a composition by Dr Shovana Narayan, was loved by the audience.The young dancer, who thereafter won applauds for ‘Dhamaar’- a taal consisting of 14 matras and Nandkumaarashtakam’, concluded the performance with a ‘Tarana’.Post the enthralling performance by Dhriti, a book titled ‘Karana – A Kathak Perspective’ was launched.In the book, Dhriti has tried to interpret the 108 Karanas of the Natyashastra – an ancient treatise on the performing arts, written by Bharat Muni between 55bce to 500ce.The book invites anyone interested in dance to experience the karanas and their interpretation through the eyes of a Kathak dancer.A visual treat of photographs and links to videos supported by simple text and Sanskrit translations makes the book easy to understand.last_img

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