July 13 2016This Monday an acrobatic performance

first_imgJuly 13, 2016This Monday an acrobatic performance troupe from Pittsburg put on a small spectacle in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater. CatActTrophy – the name of the play – serves as a comment on pollution, population control, mass-media, love, bureaucracy, and of course, cats.[photo by Chloe Feng, text by Sean-Paul von Ancken]The play is both sincere and humorous, deep moments of societal reconciliation that are followed by mock advertisements for dystopio-futuristic products. The absurdity and whimsy of the experience clashed well with the raw and dignified conviction of the performers.[photo by Chloe Feng]To start, gigantic slugs, home-made out of fabrics, paper mache, and pipe cleaners slowly oozed their way on to the set, chomping on a few audience members along the way.[photo by Raymond Schwartz]The plot continued along, steadily orienting and then disorienting the audience until the performers suddenly engaged in some truly awe inspiring acrobatics. Aerial flips, catches, throws, and stalls were executed with strength, grace, and precision. We are honored to have had such avante guard performers come through our space, and wish them well on their tour.[photo by Chloe Feng]last_img

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