Titanfall PC patch removes game modes pushes paid DLC instead

first_imgTitanfall was one of the most anticipated early titles on the Xbox One, but PC gamers were tickled to learn that they too would be able to play this mech shooter on launch day. The PC version has been a little slower with updates since then, but now players have just gotten an update, and many wish they hadn’t. The newest Titanfall PC patch removes both Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter modes from the game. According to the developer, this is actually an improvement.According to Respawn, these modes were removed because they were the least popular game types on the PC. That meant anyone who did want to play had to wait a few minutes for a match to start. In the interests of making the overall experience better, Respawn is herding those people into other game modes with almost zero wait. As you can imagine, fans of Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter are less than pleased.These two modes are not completely absent from the game — you can still happen upon a round of one or the other if you join a Variety (i.e. random) match. The beta private matches also allow you to choose Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter, but that requires you have a dozen friends that want to play as well. In place of those two game modes in the main playlist are two new entries — Expedition Variety and Expedition Attrition. Before you get too excited, be aware these both require the paid Expedition map pack. That’s a $9.99 DLC purchase, or you can get the $24.99 season pass for all current and future DLC.Well, at least it’s not horse armor.Respawn says Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter might come back to the main playlist at some point, but I think it’s more likely there will be additional listings for game modes that require paid DLC. The removed game types are still listed on the game’s website as playable, but anyone hoping for some good old capture the flag shooting on PC is going to be disappointed after that 50GB install.last_img

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