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first_imgApple CEO Tim Cook is apparently open to letting his company sell everything but the kitchen sink. Heck, he might even be open to making kitchen sinks, just as long as they aren’t “crappy.” That is really the only prevailing guideline on Apple’s course for the future.That is in fact a direct quotation . In a presentation at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference, Cook said the only thing Apple won’t make is “a crappy product”. As long as there is an idea that is bold and ambitious, Cook says it’s fair game.Okay, so what? Sounds like typical CEO gobbledy-gook, right? Normally that would be the case, but this is an interesting time for Apple. The apparent openness to expand into completely different markets might be a result of a changing dynamic over at the company.Apple has, of course, been caught up in a strange news cycle over the last several months. It skyrocketed to become the most valuable company in the world, tipping the scales of record stock prices, and then suddenly began to fall off a cliff. This of course brought up piles and piles of negative headlines about how terrible Apple was doing. But then everyone had to be reminded that being the world’s second most valuable company is still a pretty enviable thing.So no one is quite sure what to make of Apple at this moment, which is probably why the question of where the company is headed — and what is fair game for future Apple products — is so relevant right now.Other companies try to stick to one specific niche and be the best at that niche; it looks like Apple is not keen on being one of those companies.last_img read more

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