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first_imgRight now, if you want get the most money for a trade-in you do a little research, then make the trade after you know what all the current promotions are. This sometimes means you have to wait a week or two for the promotion you really want, which might mean you find a better deal elsewhere and go make the trade with another company. GameStop has decided to change its current system for trade-ins to make sure that doesn’t happen. As an added bonus, this new system means you’ll be making a little extra cash on your trades.We could spend all day debating whether or not you really get what a game is “worth” when you trade it in, but the fact remains that this business model is something GameStop and their customers absolutely love. GameStop’s trade-in system is such a big deal that many players threatened to boycott Microsoft when the Xbox One was announced to not support trades the way that they are handled now, causing an immediate reversal in that policy. It looks like anyone who is on the fence about doing a trade-in, as well as anyone that is successfully pitched to by a GameStop employee during their next transaction, is going to feel much better about the process starting August 18.GameStop has confirmed an effort to reduce the total number of prices a trade-in will be available at, and they are doing so by removing a lot of the special promo deals that you usually hear about every single time you go to the register. Instead of the current system, each game that can be bought by GameStop will have a total of four price points. The documentation discovered by Kotaku estimates that most users will see a 20% bump in the prices they are offered for games, which will still be available at a 10% bump from that point if you are a Power Up Rewards subscriber.Overall, this is a smart move from GameStop, as it limits the chances that someone will go elsewhere to trade a game in. The leaked documents also reveals how the employees are being trained to approach people to tell them about trade-ins, which is basically to confuse them long enough to deliver a sales pitch. Only time will tell how well that works out for them.last_img read more

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