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first_imgWhat is called a supermajority, which is 67 Senators or two thirds of the full Senate, is required to vote guilty for the President to be removed from office. Another Binghamton resident telling 12 News that while he feels the President committed an impeachable offense, the current political climate makes impeachment a waste of time. “The majority of Americans want to vote in 2020 for President and that will be their decision, But Anthony Brindisi and the Democrats don’t want to give people that choice,” said Michael Vasquez of Binghamton. Once the House of Representatives takes up Articles of impeachment the House votes on the resolution. If a simple majority, or half of the House votes yes, the President is impeached by the House. That’s what is happening today. So how do people in the Southern Tier feel about all of this? As you’d expect it’s a mixed bag. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Since the House of Representatives has only voted on Articles of impeachment three times in U.S. history, you could be forgiven if you’ve forgotten what the rules are. Some feel that the impeachment boils down to a dislike for President Trump himself, not impeachable conduct. “A lot of people don’t like the way he conducts himself while doing business and that I think is a big reason why people want to impeach him,” said Alonzo Harper of Binghamton. “I don’t think that’s enough to try to get him out of office,” Harper said. If that supermajority is not reached the President is acquitted, if the President is found guilty, he is removed from office. A US President has never been removed from office through the process of Impeachment. “It was an impeachable offense that the President committed but I think that the democrats won’t get to throw him out the senate will never convict therefore it’s kind of an exercise in futility,” said Dick Mindemann of Binghamton. Another individual telling 12 News that with the 2020 election looming, it’s a matter that should be left for the voters to decide. Impeachment however does not mean removal from office. That is up to the Senate who will then vote on whether the President is guilty or not guilty. last_img read more

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