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6 June 2007The United Nations Security Council today urged justice for the victims of Iraq’s 1990 invasion and subsequent occupation of Kuwait. Council members strongly condemned the execution of Kuwaitis and others by the previous Iraqi regime, said Ambassador Johan Verbeke of Belgium, which holds the presidency of the 15-member body, in a statement to the press.“Security Council members agreed that those responsible for these horrendous crimes should be brought to justice,” he said.The statement noted the recent positive identification of further human remains and the repatriation of others from Kuwait to Iraq.A total of 233 mortal remains have so far been identified, according to the Secretary-General’s latest report on the issue. Council members welcomed the work of the Tripartite Commission, which includes Iraq, Kuwait and the United States, and is dealing with the issue, “including provision of mutual assistance among them.” Security Council members issued the press statement following a closed-door briefing by Ambassador Yuri Vorontsov, the Secretary-General’s High-level Coordinator on Kuwaiti persons and others as well as property harmed during the invasion.Ambassador Verbeke said the members were “confident that all parties, in particular Iraq and Kuwait, could work towards constructive arrangements to enable a satisfactory solution to all of the outstanding humanitarian aspects covered by Ambassador Vorontsov’s mandate.” read more

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