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Crime Stoppers of Haldimand and Norfolk wants the public to know they can do the community a good turn while enjoying a nice pay day by alerting them to people who are dealing fentanyl and other toxic drugs.The local Crime Stoppers chapter conducted a two-month blitz in this area last year and will mount a similar campaign beginning March 1.Neil Unwin of Simcoe, chair of the local Crime Stoppers program, passed the hat Wednesday at the Norfolk County Police Services Board. When asked how much he’d like the board to contribute, Unwin said $5,000 is a nice number.“If we get five tips on fentanyl dealers, we’re happy to pay out $5,000 for that information,” he said.Fentanyl, carfentanil and “purple heroin” are synthetic opioids. They are cheap to manufacture and many times more potent than morphine, heroin, codeine and other natural derivatives of opium. Asia is the primary source of synthetic opioids trafficked in North America.Synthetic opioids in trace amounts can stop the breathing of people who have no tolerance for them.North America has been rocked in recent years by a wave of overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids. The depressants are sometimes added to street drugs such as Ecstasy and black-market marijuana to intensify their effects. Overdose victims often don’t know they have ingested a powerful opioid that is effectively poisonous.Because these substances are so dangerous, Crime Stoppers of Haldimand and Norfolk is prepared to pay $1,000 for tips leading to large seizures of synthetic opioids or the arrest of traffickers selling them illegally.Unwin says this is not only a public health issue. Synthetic opioids as air-borne dust is a hazard for paramedics who rush in to save overdose victims. They are also a threat to police officers who execute search warrants on suspected traffickers.Norfolk’s PSB committed $1,000 to the Crime Stoppers reward fund. Unwin said individuals, businesses and corporations can earmark tax-deductible donations to Crime Stoppers for the express purpose of identifying dealers of synthetic opioids and the location of their inventories. read more

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