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Rabat – Roughly 60 percent of Germans believe Islam does not belong in their culture, while around 34 percent affirmed that Islam has a place in Germany, according to a poll conducted by Infratest dimap and released on Thursday.The new poll shows that rejection of Islam is gaining more ground in the Germany. A similar poll by the Forsa institute in 2014 said 52 percent of respondents opposed the inclusion of Islam in Germany, while 44 percent of those surveyed supported the presence of Islam.Fifty-three percent of Germans said Islamophobia should be treated as seriously as anti-Semitism in the same survey. Over the past year, Germany has welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Muslim world, causing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s to be at risk to lose her position during upcoming elections and leading some citizens to wrongly believe she practices Islam herself.The effects of the refugee crisis will allow Islam to have “too much” cultural sway in Germany, 52 percent of the participants in Thursday’s poll said.After the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, many Germans fear their country is next in line for a deadly attack by the so-called “Islamic State,” known as ISIS.Seventy-two percent of Germans worry that a terrorist attack may the Federal Republic, while 25 percent said this will not happen.Xenophobic right-wing political parties have gained traction in recent months. Pegida, an Islamophobic movement that started in Dresden has attracted thousands of adherents, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD), has had success in local elections while calling for a ban on minarets.AfD voters almost unanimously agreed that Islam does not belong in Germany. read more

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